Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It is more than one year now since I stopped blogging. There are varied reasons that caused this stoppage.

After I retired from my 20 years plus job, I resided in a very remote barangay in Mindoro, Philippines.

With no substancial retirement pay and no fall back plans, my life, together with my family was then financially below the belt, so to speak.

Life was back to basics. No computers, no internet, no cable television.

We survived selling vegetables that grow on land and water that are considered abandoned. We cooked on firewood, bathed and washed our clothes in the river.

But, in general we are happy.

Now, I have a new career and when I accessed my blogger account, I was emotionally amazed that my blogs are still there and I have nine dollars on my adsense account.

This aroused again my interest in blogging and said to myself that I have to rise up from my hibernation and be a hibernated blogger.

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  1. sir,, kakatouch yun ah
    great job
    more blessings and God Bless