Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Last month while travelling on a bus for a briefing on my retirement, I heard a man complaining. " We are a family of poor people. My grandparents are poor. My parents are poor. All my relatives are poor. I myself am very poor. I will probably be poor for the rest of my life."

I pity the man and other people like him. Poverty has become their family identity, it'll be very hard for them to detach themselves from this very horrible belief. This belief is the one keeping them poor, if they only knew.

On the contrary, I had a grade school classmate and neighbor who was very poor. He wears, for school, different size and color of slippers for each foot. He told me he got those slippers in a garbage can near their small hut.

But he always believed that poverty is not in his blood. And he firmly believed that his family's poverty would stop right with him.

After finishing grade school, their family moved to another province and I never heard of him since then.

About a year ago, a relative told me that my poor classmate before is now a very successful engineer-contractor. He really ended his family's poverty with him. He had always that basic belief that poverty is not in his veins.

He graduated himself from the poor mentality.

Our core beliefs are self-fulfilling prophesies that determine our future lives.

Change your attitude and your actions at the same time and you can have anything you want.
---Anne Harley

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